indonesian romantic candlelight dinner

indulge in the romance and share the intimate romantic candlelight dinner experience at our private gazebo.
impress your love one and our special dinner set up provides the ideal ambiance for intimate dining. 
indonesian candlelight dinner at IDR Rp. 595.000++  per person
includes set up decoration .
menu :
as a starter
lumpia semarang
as a soup
crancam ayam
(balinese chicken soup with grated coconut, flovored with lemon grass and turmeric)
as main dishes
indonesian rijstafel
(features and represent the multi-etchnic nature of the indonesian archipelago with an array of flavors, colors, degrees of spiciness and textures.)
ayam rica-rica, beef rendang, udang dayak, mix of satay languan amlapura and sate ampet sasak, babi cincang
vegetables, rice, sambal, pickles, shrimp crakers.
as dessert
es campur kelapa muda
(tropical fruit salad in a coconut shell with young coconut, layered agar-agar pudding and coconut ice cream
the above rate subject to 21% tax and service charge, beverages are excluded.

for reservation, please email :