news & event

  • New Sun Loungers at Coco Pool Bar
    Legian Beach Hotel just launched its brand new sun loungers at Coco Pool adding the comfort of relaxing and chilling by the pool area. Imagine yourself here sipping your mojito, the sunshine is all yours!

  • Cultural Show
    the cultural performances offer an opportunity to experience the spirit of bali and learn a little bit more about the island's rich culture and traditional dances, accompanied by the gamelan orchestra dressed in dazzling silk sarongs. the show takes place on tuesdays and saturdays, and begins on a stage flanked by brightly coloured temple parasols, and bamboo poles festooned with natural decorations, overhanging a traditional balinese gateway.

  • Poolside Barbecue Buffet Dinner (Every Thursday!)
    Experience the true barbecue tastes at our sizzling poolside barbecue area decorated with floating candles and hanging lanterns featuring an array of barbecue delicacies. International seafood and meat cuisines are also not to be missed.

  • Tips when visiting local areas, temples, holy places and other tourist sites
    In Bali topless is not allowed and in some cases are considered as disrespectful especially when being around ceremonies, temples and common public areas. When visiting any temple, bikini is not allowed and wearing sarong with complete clothe is a must. There are certain sensitive areas within the temples where non prayers are not allowed to visit. Taking photos and videos of ceremonies are generally welcome as long as it does not disturb the ceremonies or procession. It is strongly recommended that all visitors to observe local customs and don’t hesitate to ask the locals who are present on site.

  • hotel anniversary updates
    on 17 august 2016, legian beach hotel celebrated its 42th anniversary, this year only simple celebration were held and arranged by the hotel staff. however some other various activities including competation and the ellection of the best employee of the year has also taken place prior to the anniversary day.
  • beach cleaning day
    first friday of every month when the sun starts to shine, when the day activities have just begun and that day provides an opportunity for legian beach hotel staffs and  distinguished guests to help improve the quality of the legian beach environment and make it a cleaner space for all.