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Tips When Visiting Local Areas, Temples, Holy Places and Other Tourist Sites

In Bali topless is not allowed and in some cases are considered as disrespectful especially when being around ceremonies, temples and common public areas. When visiting any temple, bikini is not allowed and wearing sarong with complete clothe is a must. There are certain sensitive areas within the temples where non prayers are not allowed to visit. Taking photos and videos of ceremonies are generally welcome as long as it does not disturb the ceremonies or procession. It is strongly recommended that all visitors to observe local customs and don’t hesitate to ask the locals who are present on site.










Here are other etiquettes that you need to be aware of before visiting a temple in Bali:

  • Do not enter a temple if you're bleeding - You shouldn't enter a temple if you have cut yourself or whilst menstruating
  • Do not point your feet toward the shrines - Feet are considered unclean. so don't point them toward the shrines or other holy objects. When praying men should sit with their legs crosses while women kneel
  • Pay due respect - Remember that you are in a holy place and use common sense. Don't get in the way of processions and ceremonies and use common courtesy when taking photos