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A Journey to an Ancient Balinese Healing

Inspired by the almost forgotten ancient Balinese healing practices usually called Bali Usadha, Legian Beach Hotel has transformed the ancient healing concepts and blended them to become our signature treatment.
Usadha in Balinese means knowledge of healing. Balinese believe that Gods created everything in this universe, including the disease and also its cure. In Usadha, it is believed that the disease is caused by three main causes, which are:


  • Panas (Heat)
  • Dingin (Cold)
  • Panas - Dingin (Heat and Cold)
Inspired from that ancient belief, Usadha Spa is focused on giving a traditional treatment using all ingredients that come originally from Bali.
To put the concepts above into real life, every morning all our therapists practice tai-chi-fu (a unique combination between tai-chi and kung-fu) in order to collect all the balanced energy to energize themselves and transfer the healing energy later on during treatments. You are welcome to join them from 08.30 – 09.00 at the beachfront temple.

Pre-Treatment Cleansing Ritual

Your healing journey starts with a brief mind cleansing ritual, known as "Melukat" in Balinese and is continued with cleaning your body by our Therapist. The combination of Melukat in Balinese tradition aimed for a peaceful state of your body, mind and spirit to welcome the healing treatments in the best possible condition.
It is also believed in Balinese life that this ritual will drive away all negative energy from your body, mind and spirit which create anger, greed, revenge and unhappiness, so that we all become wiser and thankful.

Choose Your Usadha Journey

As it is believed in Usadha that there are three main causes of the disease, which is Heat, Cold, and Heat-Cold. It is  also believed that each cause has its own way of healing. Usadha Spa therefore, giving three optional treatments that suit your needs best
  • USADHAGIZING (120 minutes)
  • Warming elements are more dominant in this path that has the potential to energize your being. Your journey begins with cleansing ritual, continued ith warming scrub (boreh anget) inside the cleansing area, completed with Balinese Energizing Massage which is a good choice to realign deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues and ended with warming body wrap including bath topped up with Jamu Anget (Balinese Warming Healthy Drink) for a few minutes to keep your body warm and energized. At the end of your journey, a healthy drink and snack await.


  • USADHASOOTHE (120 minutes)
  • Dominated by two elements namely solid (earth) and liquid (water), this journey has the potential to soothe your body, mind and spirit. Your journey begins with cleansing ritual, continued with soothing scrub (boreh tiis) inside the cleansing area, completed with Balinese Relaxation Massage which is a circular that strokes your entire body. A full hand stroke over the long bones will stimulate your nerve system while effectively release tensions on your muscles and ended with soothing body wrap including the "wangi wangi" bath ritual complemented with Jamu Tiis (Balinese Traditional Soothing Healthy Drink) during bathing, aimed to refresh your complete being.


  • USADHALANCING (120 minutes)
  • Powered by three elements of solid (earth), liquid (water) and heat, this treatment has the potential to balance your energy and increase vitality. Your path begins with cleansing ritual followed by balancing scrub application (boreh dumelada) in the cleansing area, continued with Balinese Equilibrium Massage working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain including the application of balancing (tiksna-manda) body wrap. Complete your path with balancing bath enriched with jamu puser jagat (Balinese Traditional Vitality Healthy Drink) to benefit from your balanced energy and increase your vitality.


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