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Usadha Relaxation Centre - the meaning of usadha symbol is a journey to an ancient Balinese healing. When hot energy symbolized by black square box, blended with the cold energy illustrated as lines surrounded the black square box, it produces a balanced energy good for healing, shown as the two most outer lines of the symbol.

To put the above into real life, every morning all our therapists practice tai-chi-fu (a unique combination between tai-chi and kung-fu) in order to collect all the balanced energy to energize themselves and transfer the healing energy later on during treatments. You are welcome to join them from 08.30 – 09.00 at the relaxation centre. Usadha Bali at our relaxation centre is an ancient Balinese healing experience you will appreciate to have, at least once in a life-time. 




Foot Massage is proven to elevate blood circulation and provide good level of relaxation while Nail Arts will easily make you feel good and pretty. Stone self reflexology Situated on the spa rooftop garden, it is designed to help you stimulate your blood circulation by simply walking barefoot on the stones. This activity uses your own body weight to provide acupressure to your inner system and when done regularly resulting a better and smoother blood circulation.




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