Legian Beach Hotel

Lais Restaurant

Guest Comments

Fran Milner # Guest stay at room 30C     10 Dec 2012

"waitress Ari" was excellent. Very friendly, polite and professional in her rate. This added to enjoyable dining experience

Brenda     18 Dec 2012

lovely atmosphere. Very friendly + helpful staff. a lovely night with yummy food. thank you

Michele Dougherty     12 Dec 2012

our waiter and waitress were excellent. We really enjoyed our evening. "waitress Inayah" has the biggest most beautiful smiley, so friendly. We will come back. Lovely evening. Terima kasih

Colin Saunoses     29 Dec 2012

very exceptional service and good quality food

Claire Cadko     21 Jan 2013

amazing staff ! So friendly, presentation of the food is amazing. wonderful overall atmosphere. Overall excellent ! there is no improvement need to be made. Great live performance

Gandian     26 Jan 2013

best beach hotel at Bali with view of a perfect sunset ! Thank you. Terima kasih. Excellent presentation A+

Crystal and simon     28 Jan 2013

food was delicious ! Personally I prefer my beverages colder. Service was excellent !! Thank you

Heven     9 Apr 2013

we had a brilliant time. Food was lovely and we will recommend you to people. the waitress and waiter were wonderful

Donna H     11 Apr 2013

the waitress Bina was very friendly which made the service fantastic. The food was beautiful, perfectly cooked and lots of flavour. Thank you very much, duck and chicken !

Morgen Lee     15 Apr 2013

waitresses are friendly, lovely, fantastic english. The culture entertainment was very good but was too loud. We could not talk to each other over the gamelan