Legian Beach Hotel

Gino's Pasta & Pizza

Guest Comments

Ryan     15 May 2013

"waitress Suci" is very friendly and helpful, very attentive :). Our second time lunch-we love it !

I. Bollmann     13 Apr 2013

waitress Kosa is very friendly, very delicious food ! We enjoyed it like every day :)

Canepa     17 Apr 2013

enjoyable lunch. Pizza was delicious and base thin as we like it thanks

Lee     30 Apr 2013

great ! Lovely staff. Great food & magnificent view

Lennah Adams     24 May 2013

excellent staff. Very friendly with great interpersonal skills. Very happy with the delicious health meals as well

Michael     28 May 2013

our waitress was very friendly and helpful. And the food was delicious, especially the cannellini

Maria      1 Nov 2013

the food was always very good ! The service was e excellent and the hotel is amazing. Thanks for all !!

Philip     17 Nov 2013

very professional and polite staff. Excellent food. Good work !

Bernadette Lever     31 Dec 2013

compliments to the chef and his staff. Another amazing meal. Continue to be blown away by your special touch. Biscolti with the coffee, superb bread basket, white table cloth, location and service. Have enjoyed 2 meals at your restaurant. Wished a had dine more after and will be back next year. thank you

Beverly Gill     18 Dec 2013

very enjoyable. We would come back and recommend to friends and family. Thank you !