Legian Beach Hotel

Ocean Terrace Restaurant

Guest Comments

Mary and Kevin Bulma # guest room 31C     4 Dec 2012

atmosphere amazing + the staff are a credit to your company. Always happy + friendly. Extremely professional. Extremely grateful for your service !

Lucy Conejara # guest stay at room 17C     10 Dec 2012

we are happy. I will recommend your place. Perfect, not too "posh" but bali. Today my daughter is a bit drunk. Thank you for helping me to make her happy

Steve Smith # Guest stay at room 343     10 Dec 2012

quite enjoyable ! Friendly and cheerful staff. food and service exceeded our expectations. Thank you

Egalon # guest stay at room 247     21 Dec 2012

beef mignon was excellent, looked just right. Food overall great.waitress served by ayu very courtous, nice and suggestion. Excellent service, good food, good music, nice ambience

Jordan # Guest stay at room 22C     12 Dec 2012

delicious food ! Great atmosphere & excellent entertainment ! Thank you !

Jackson     14 Jan 2013

best meal in Bali so far ! Our "waitress Budayani" was lovely and very helpful. The band was fantastic. Thank you

Blake White     17 Jan 2013

amazing dinner. Thank you staff for your great service :)

Forber     27 Jan 2013

wonderful sunset nest to the beach and a very romantic atmosphere. We really enjoyed it :)

Brooke     29 Jan 2013

great atmosphere. Great music. Excellent food. five star quality. Thank you

Kayelugg     1 Apr 2013

I had a wonderful meal and fantastic service. "waitress Erni" was very friendly and so delightful, friendly person