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Legian Beach Hotel

Legian Beach Hotel sits as an oasis within bustling and vibrant environment of Legian, it is remarkable to discover the four hectares of gardens and parklands, which is the beautifully calming setting for Legian Beach Hotel. The vast tropical gardens of 40,000 square metres are fringed by the colourful destination on three sides and the famed beachfront on the fourth. Bali’s international airport is approximately a 30-minute drive.

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

Located at absolute beachfront, with a wide range of facilities and leisure options, Legian Beach Hotel embraces families, couples, honeymooners and business travelers.

Mission Statement
  • To be a leader and trend setter in Bali in our resort category,
  • Offering a competitive product to local and international guests and hospitality partners,
  • To provide the highest standards of caring and anticipative service,
  • Ensuring that our guests experiences are enjoyable and memorable,
  • Creating the feeling of a Home Away From Home
Eco Mosquitos Control System (Zero Chemical)

Did you know only female mosquitos bite? Because they require protein-rich blood meals for their egg growth. Through numerous researches as well trials and errors. Legian Beach Hotel has now successfully designed a simple yet environmentally friendly mosquito control.

  • Mosquitos life expectanct is about 3 (three) weeks
  • We prepare an open water container around the garden area for mosquitos to lay eggs
  • One week later, the water containing larvae is filtered and the larvae can be fed to fish or let dry to die and the water is reused again and placed again at the same area inside the same container. This reused water gives a strong or chemical marker to all female mosquitos that it is a good place to lay the edds
  • The above process is repeated exactly once a week on the same day

Mosquito population is gradually decreasing as time goes by.

Our Green World


Come to Legian Beach Hotel and smell the flowers while breathing in fresh air rich of clean fresh oxygen produced by the vast collection of trees and flowers planted in Legian Beach Hotel. As part of Legian Beach Hotel’s commitment to take a good care of the nature we live in and in our effort to make Bali a greenet world for all of us, we continuously maintain our garden to grow naturally so that staffs and guest can be closer to the nature, can see squirrels running around happily, can hear birds singing, can witness geckos communicating to each other and so on which will give us all peaceful mind. We also continuously plant and maintain rare trees on our large garden to protect them from extinction.

Once of our very popular program is the tree planting where any of our guests can have a tree on their name planted in our garden for a special occasion such as wedding day, wedding anniversary, birthday and so on.

To participate either on our Plant More Trees Program or Beach Cleaning Program, please contact our team at email: [email protected]